Wellington Chocolate Factory Ambrosia Milk Chocolate


NEW DUCK ISLAND X WCF LIMITED EDITION BAR.  Wellington Chocolate Factory is New Zealand's original organic, craft bean-to-bar chocolate producer.  

Kiwi Classic Ambrosia is making the leap from sought after ice-cream to chocolate bar, with WCF reimagining the classic Duck Island flavour into a limited edition, decadent and delicious Easter treat.

The back of the bar is loaded with vanilla and raspberry flavoured marshmallows.  Fluffly, flavourful and delicious, they pair perfectly with their 50% cocoa bar, delivering an amazing cherry taste that lingers bite after bite.

Description : Yoghurt and cherry milk chocolate, made with Vanuatu cocoa, topped with Great Day Mallow vanilla and raspberry marshmallows

  • 50% cocoa content
  • Certified organic
  • Fairtrade cocoa
  • Size : 85g