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What do you use a Vinaigrette for ?

What do you use a Vinaigrette for ?

All sorts of things.  They are a combination of oil, vinegar and spices so vinaigrettes are one of the most versatile condiments you will have in your kitchen.  Use them wherever you need a burst of flavour.
  • As a dressing for all types of salads including potato, bean and cold roast vege salads
  • They add life to winter salads - especially with Haloumi Cheese and a few pinenuts
  • Drizzle over steamed vegetables - quicker than making a cheese sauce
  • Splash through a stir-fry
  • A marinade for meat
  • Use to poach fish
  • A baste for fish and chicken prior to smoking
  • Splash in an oven bag with a roast chicken
  • Fill the hollow of an avocado and enjoy
  • Flavour boost for gravy

Store in your pantry.

Source: peplers.co.nz